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Main Campus

M cGuire Memorial's main campus, located in the Western Pennsylvania town of New Brighton, is home to our Intermediate Care Facility for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities (ICF/ID). McGuire Memorial has provided unique programs for the care of those with profound disabilities in the region since 1963.

Individuals with intellectual disabilities, ranging in age from school children to adults, are served in the various programs – individuals who are severely and profoundly disabled, often with medically complex, multiple disabilities.

A major feature of McGuire’s on-going "Giving the Gift of Hope" Capital Campaign is the enhancement of the living environment for the 53 medically fragile children and adults who will be in residence here. The two top floors of our original residence are being converted to create warm, comfortable, home-like “villas” for these individuals.

Interdisciplinary Team:
A team of interdisciplinary professionals assesses each individual's needs and creates an individualized comprehensive plan of care and an active treatment plan for each person.

Medical care is essential for these residents, and McGuire provides round-the-clock nursing care with on-staff RNs and LPNs as well as 24-hours-a-day physician availability. Other members of the interdisciplinary team include: case managers; dieticians; physical, occupational, and speech therapists; and behavior specialists who orchestrate the care, instruction, and support for each McGuire resident

Living A Full Life:
While residents of the ICF/ID may require complex medical treatment, McGuire Memorial is not a nursing home. It is not a hospital. It is a place where individuals live full and active lives. It is their home.

Each person participates fully in his or her own daily schedule. Residents enjoy a normal rhythm of life, from eating meals in the dining room, to attending school or adult enrichment classes, to therapy, to evening recreation, or to community special events and outings.

Children and young adults from pre-school to age 21 attend The School at McGuire Memorial, licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, located on the McGuire Memorial main campus in New Brighton.

Adults attend enrichment classes as part of McGuire’s Adult Training Program, also at the main campus.

As part of both programs, individuals enjoy recreational aquatics, adapted to their needs, in McGuire's state-of-the-art pool on campus, as well as greenhouse experiences in its 1,800-square foot greenhouse.

The Spirituality Program at McGuire addresses the spiritual needs of McGuire residents of all denominations.

For referral information, admission inquiries, or for any other information, please contact Family Services at (724) 843-3400 extension 1145.

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