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Adult Day Programs

McGuire Memorial offers programs for adults with disabilities, designed to address specific needs of those with various disability levels—from those with mild to moderate disabilities to those with significant developmental and physical disabilities to those with profound, complex multiple disabilities. Complete description

McGuire Memorial
Employment Option Center

The McGuire Memorial Saint Joseph the Worker Employment Option Center offers day programs for adults with mild to moderate disabilities and/or autism. We provide vocational training, life skills, school-to-work transition programs, and paid employment opportunities. Complete description


Life Enrichment Center

The Life Enrichment Center at McGuire Memorial offers adults who are severely and profoundly disabled, often with profound, complex disabilities, opportunities for enrichment.

In a caring and nurturing environment at McGuire Memorial, these individuals are surrounded by experiences that awaken their senses and stimulate their sense of the world around them. Staff work with the adults to enhance their communication skills and interpersonal relationships, with augmentative communication devices such as the Dynavox to help those who cannot speak communicate with others.

Adults at the Life Enrichment Center enjoy new experiences daily such as painting and sewing with the assist of electronic devices, and routinely enjoy excursions to the McGuire Memorial greenhouse and to the McGuire pool.

The primary purpose of the Life Enrichment Center at McGuire Memorial is to provide a compassionate and supportive environment so that the medically fragile can live lives with dignity and respect, and can experience life to their fullest individual potential.

A caring and professional staff of case managers, program instructors, and direct care support staff helps each adult embrace new opportunities and new skills.

Door-to-door transportation is provided for an additional fee.


A pre-admission meeting is required. Upon admission, each adult is assessed to identify particular interests, abilities, strengths, and desires.

Download an admission application.

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