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The School at McGuire Memorial, licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, offers students with mental retardation, autism, physical and developmental disabilities, and those with profound multiple, complex disabilities a comprehensive academic curriculum, designed for the specific developmental needs of each child.

Often, students come to McGuire whose educational opportunities would otherwise be limited due to severe medical needs, behavioral needs, physical or cognitive challenges, or challenges presented by a specific disability such as autism or Lesch-Neinan.

The School at McGuire Memorial provides all students with a full-range of opportunities, therapies, and educational offerings in a loving, supportive environment—long the hallmark of McGuire Memorial. McGuire Memorial believes that every person has a God-given right to experience life to the fullest. And so, every child who attends The School at McGuire Memorial is nurtured and encouraged to work to their fullest potential.

The new facility features a library, a specially-designed playground for children with special needs, and a 2,000-square-foot therapy suite for physical, occupational and speech therapy. Every aspect of the School’s design, from the type of lighting to the colors of the walls, is deliberately selected to support instruction.

This new facility allows the School to meet an unprecedented demand within the tri-state community for its services. Enrollment at The School at McGuire Memorial has doubled within the past year. The School saw a 100 percent increase just in the number of children enrolled in its newly instituted pre-school program, leading to the highest overall enrollment numbers in the history of the School. A new building was necessary to accommodate this historic growth.


Students are taught by a caring and professional staff devoted to and inspired by children with challenging needs. All teachers at The School at McGuire Memorial are certified and licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Education as special education teachers. The staff adheres to best practices and standards as outlined by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

Each class is taught by a team comprised of special education teachers and personal care support staff to assist with the students' physical needs.


A comprehensive age-appropriate curriculum—one that enriches and stimulates—is designed for the specific needs of each individual student.

The core curriculum is built around developmentally appropriate concepts and includes classes in science, math, and language arts. Special additional classes in art, music, gym, library, and home economics are also part of the curriculum.

As part of the overall curriculum, most students participate in recreational aquatics, adapted to their needs, at the on-site pool and projects at the on-site greenhouse.

Students attending The School at McGuire Memorial are eligible for occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, and behavioral therapy as necessary.

A pre-school component was recently added to The School at McGuire Memorial, serving
children ages 3 - 5.

The School at McGuire Memorial offers a traditional 180-day school year with an additional summer school. The school is licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, Division of Private Academic Schools. Placement in the school program is funded by the student's home school district, and daily transportation is provided by the student's school district.

For referral information, admission inquiries, or for any other information, please contact Kim Lieb at

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